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Facilitating Mobility of People, Investment & Enterprise


Founded in 1992 by Jean François Harvey, the Montreal based Harvey Law Group (HLG) has maintained a presence throughout Asia, South America, and the Middle East since early beginnings. Today it has evolved into a leading Canadian multinational immigration and business law firm that has developed a worldwide reputation of excellence by providing sophisticated legal representation to businesses and individuals. With offices notably in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Montreal and  Beijing, along with a regional and international network, HLG has an extensive team that can provide exceptional support to a diverse global clientele.


Professional Investment Immigration Planning for Government Organisations


Harvey Law Group’s investment related immigration government advisory services are based on our wide ranging international expertise in this field.

These services include working as counsel for government entities to review their foreign investment programs in order to support economic and social development. Our highly skilled multinational team benefits from over 20 years expertise in providing the highest caliber of legal and investment based immigration advice throughout the globe, making Harvey Law Group an experienced, safe and qualified choice for any government agency that requires independent professional advice in this complex area.