More high-net-worth individuals look to widen travel options with citizenship-by-investment programs.

Paris, France – Harvey Law Group (HLG) International law firm, specializing in investment immigration for residency and citizenship, announces the opening of its new office in Paris, France. HLG aims to empower French nationals with the freedom and peace of mind guaranteed by global mobility through their Residency and Citizenship-by-investment programs (RCIPs), which all draw on 29 years of industry expertise and a deep, global network. With the establishment of 3 other offices worldwide just this past year, a new office located in District 9, 7 rue Drouot Paris, demonstrates HLG’s recognition of a growing outbound attitude of citizens in Europe yet would allow others in the network to invest in the country at-large. The ease of which these offices have been set up are a testament to HLG’s commitment to accommodate these demands, wherever they present themselves.

Investment immigration, also known as Residency & Citizenship-by-investment, are government-approved programs offering wealthy families or individuals the opportunity to invest in real estate, business, government bonds or donate directly to the government – in return,  they are granted residency status or citizenship of that country. Citizenship comes with a new passport, tax ID and is inheritable, making it therefore a useful tool for succession planning.

“Who’s eligible for citizenship-by-investment?”

For frequent overseas travelers, it is understandable and even common to develop a connection with different places, regardless of their initial purposes of visit. HLG would allow the pursuit of a residency or citizenship program for such places as seamless as possible, whilst still allows the client to manage the manner transition at every major stage. For example, a well-trodden path has been through commercial and residential property development investiture in strategic locations either in a or stone’s throw from where one has often travelled. Eventually, these once-foreign places will become more than a pied-a-terre;  truly a home away from home.

For parents, some of these programs include first-class overseas educational opportunities for your children in a regionally safe environment. For entrepreneurs, here are more opportunities to widen your network and expand benefits from the program.

“Acquiring a second citizenship can help attain personal goals of a hassle-free travel, access to [a] good health and education system, as well as to grow and maximize wealth across borders,” comments Mr. Jean-Francois Harvey, Global Managing Partner of Harvey Law Group (HLG).

“Having a second passport is not only about the number of countries you can visit without a visa; it is also about securing your family’s future. Instability within one’s home-country is often a factor that influences our clients to look for an alternative passport or residency elsewhere,” comments Mr. Bastien Trelcat, Managing Partner of HLG. “By example, The Commonwealth of Dominica citizenship-by-investment program starts at USD 100,000 and became one of the most prominent program since its establishment in 1993. A Dominican citizen is granted visa-free access to over 135 countries including the Schengen Area,” added Mr. Harvey.

“Why HLG has been looking at Paris.”

According to latest ratings on the passport index, French passport holders are granted visa-free access to 134 countries, 32 e-visas and 16 visas on arrival. his leaves one to question why would French nationals need any of these mobility programs?

To provide a brief comparison with other EU nations: Cypriots have access to over 170 countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Schengen Area. Cyprus currently offers a Residency program that starts at EUR 300,000 and a Citizenship-by-investment program starting at EUR 2,000,000. In the Caribbean, St-Kitts & Nevis, offers a Citizenship-by-investment program starting at USD 200,000, which grants visa-free access to over 150 countries.

HLG currently offers Residency and Citizenship-by-investment programs (RCIPs) to 23 countries; notably Canada by way of the Start-Up-Visa program, Caribbean CBI programs, Thai Elite and Elite Easy Access for the leisurely and business traveller; United States and Vanuatu. What adds to HLG’s competitive edge is not only in the number of programs it has to offer but the capacity to accommodate its clients in every corner of the world.

“HLG has been looking at Paris as an emerging market with a growing middle-income population. Our services offer alternatives to all investments commonly known and are valuable to people who seek global citizenship. We see growing trends in middle or higher-middle class families qualifying for a second citizenship,” Mr. Harvey observes.

At the forefront of this new operation is Attorney, Philippe Guillemard who will manage HLG’s first office in Europe.

HLG welcomes Philippe Guillemard and the wealth of experience he brings with him.  Philippe Guillemard has been a member of the board of the Bar Order of Nancy since 2009 and was elected Chairman of the Bar, heading the bar in 2014 and 2015. Philippe is a former chairman of the bar from 2014 and 2015. Currently, Philippe, is on the Board of Directors of ANAFAGC, a management and accounting association.

For further inquiries on investment immigration opportunities, please contact:

Mr. Jean-Francois Harvey, HLG Global Managing Partner, jfharvey@harveylawcorporation.com

Mr. Bastien Trelcat, Managing Partner, btrelcat@harveylawcorporation.com

Guillaume Matz, Managing Partner, gmatz@harveylawcorporation.com

Attorney, Philippe Guillemard, pguillemard@harveylawcorporation.com

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