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Welcome to Harvey Law Group.Founded in 1992 by Jean François Harvey, Harvey Law Group (HLG) has quickly evolved into a leading multinational law firm that has developed a worldwide reputation amongst discerning businesses, individuals and governments across Canada, Asia, Middle East and South America.Whether it's immigration or business, we combine world-class acumen with local insight to deliver exceptional legal advice and representation to help clients stay ahead.Amidst a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, HLG has consistently proven itself to be able to embrace change and deliver results for our clients across the world.

Our Expertise

Investment and Business Immigration

We live in a global world. Whether it’s for business or as an individual HLG has the proven expertise to advice and help you make the right move.
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Business Law

We provide a comprehensive suite of services covering the establishment of a company to opening its subsequent representative offices or branches.
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Corporate Law

From English Common Law countries and Offshore Tax Havens to Civil law jurisdictions, we provide you with assistance in forming a company.
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Mergers & Acquisitions 

HLG understands the complex world of M&As. We can help provide the right level of legal advice required to lead a successful deal.
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Our Team

Jean-François HarveyJean-François Harvey
Jean-François Harvey

Worldwide Managing Partner

Foreign Registered Lawyer (Quebec) - Based in Hong Kong

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Bastien TrelcatBastien Trelcat
Bastien Trelcat

Managing Partner – South East Asia

Foreign Registered Lawyer in Hong Kong (France)

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Lorenzo LlerasLorenzo Lleras
Lorenzo Lleras

Associate Lawyer – Miami office

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Amelia PolisanoAmelia Polisano
Amelia Polisano

 Foreign Registered Lawyer (UK) – Based in Hong Kong

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David ComtoisDavid Comtois
David Comtois

Foreign Registered Lawyer (Quebec) – Based in Hong Kong

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Guillaume MatzGuillaume Matz
Guillaume Matz

Associate Lawyer – Thailand & Vietnam

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Pinyapa PichaipalakornPinyapa Pichaipalakorn
Pinyapa Pichaipalakorn

Associate Lawyer – Thailand

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Elisabeth DumaisElisabeth Dumais
Elisabeth Dumais

Foreign Registered Lawyer (Quebec) – Based in Hong Kong

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Julie Nguyen Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen


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Amanda ChanAmanda Chan
Amanda Chan

Legal Assistant –  Based in Hong Kong

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May HoMay Ho
May Ho

Legal Assistant – Based in Hong Kong

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Zoie SanZoie San
Zoie San

Legal Assistant – Based in Hong Kong

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Steve CorbinSteve Corbin
Steve Corbin

Paralegal – Based in Hong Kong

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Helen ChanHelen Chan
Helen Chan

Overseas Business Development Director - China

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Samuel HarveySamuel Harvey
Samuel Harvey

Director of Business Development – Hong Kong & Philippines

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Krittiya KeeratiyutKrittiya Keeratiyut
Krittiya Keeratiyut

Office Director & Processing Officer – Thailand

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Hieu Le (Helen)Hieu Le (Helen)
Hieu Le (Helen)

Relationship Manager – Vietnam (HCMC)

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Chi NguyenChi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen

Administrative Director – Vietnam

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Nhung Ngo (Rose)Nhung Ngo (Rose)
Nhung Ngo (Rose)

Chief Accountant – Vietnam

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Hoa PhamHoa Pham
Hoa Pham

Office & Business Development Manager – Vietnam (Hanoi)

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Tuyen Phung (Kenny)Tuyen Phung (Kenny)
Tuyen Phung (Kenny)

Business Development Manager – Vietnam (Da Nang)

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Huong VuHuong Vu
Huong Vu

Finance Manager – Vietnam

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Khanh Kieu (Maria)Khanh Kieu (Maria)
Khanh Kieu (Maria)

Paralegal – Vietnam

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Thuong Le (Tina)Thuong Le (Tina)
Thuong Le (Tina)

Administrative & HR Officer – Vietnam

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Duong Nguyen (Katie)Duong Nguyen (Katie)
Duong Nguyen (Katie)

Business Development Manager – Vietnam (HCMC)

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Relationship Manager – Vietnam (HCMC)

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Mai NguyenMai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen

Administrative Officer – Vietnam (Hanoi)

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Trien Phan (Kate)Trien Phan (Kate)
Trien Phan (Kate)

Paralegal – Vietnam

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Administrative Officer – Vietnam (Da Nang)

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Lan Anh Mai Lan Anh Mai
Lan Anh Mai

Senior Advisor

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Rossan VillarealRossan Villareal
Rossan Villareal

Executive Secretary - Philippines

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Jessie VerzosaJessie Verzosa
Jessie Verzosa

Office Assistant - Philippines

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Tanna MosesTanna Moses
Tanna Moses

Office Director – Dominica

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Joseph WarnerJoseph Warner
Joseph Warner

Office Director - ANTIGUA & BARBUDA

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Sacha SheppardSacha Sheppard
Sacha Sheppard

Administration Director – Antigua & Barbuda

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Richard NixonRichard Nixon
Richard Nixon

Executive Director – Grenada office

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