North Macedonia Economic Investment Citizenship Program

North Macedonia Economic Investment Citizenship Program

North Macedonia has launched a new citizenship by investment program, the North Macedonia Economic Investment Citizenship Program.

This is a generous, quick and affordable programme with a quota of 1,000 ! Applicants would be well advised to seize this opportunity as soon as possible !

North Macedonia is clearly seeking to attract international talents and investors to fuel its local economy.

Applicants are required to make an investment contribution of €200,000 in a North Macedonian social and development investment fund designated by the Government. Their investment contribution will entitle them to apply for North Macedonia citizenship and passport for themselves and their family within only 3 or 4 months.

The benefits of North Macedonian citizenship include:

• Strategic location
• Visa-free access to over 124 countries (including all countries in the Schengen Area and Japan)
• Nationality that can be passed to future generation
• Country growth potential – North Macedonia is an EU candidate
• Low taxes
• Dual citizenship permitted
• E2 Treaty Country

This is a flexible program that does not require any physical residence or language requirements. Citizens of North Macedonia will have the flexibility to spend as little or as much time in the country as fits their lifestyle.

All applications must be submitted through an authorised agent.

Interested applicants should discuss with immigration lawyers how this program may suit them. This option can be considered and compared by professionals to other programs such as the Malta MEIN or the Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment.


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